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  • Safety, Security, and Confidence

    Train like your life depends on it, because one day it might. Let our experienced and professional training staff provide you with the tools you need to safely and effectively protect yourself, your home and those most important to you.

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  • Mitigate the Threat

    In today's world, there are dangers around every corner. Whether it's work, home or even your place of worship, the media shows us tragedy every day. Let us work with you to be ready for the unexpected. From personal security to active shooter, we are your solution.


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Basic and advanced firearms courses for all experience levels.


We provide comprehensive consultation services for threat assessments, executive protection, active shooter response and more.

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Our goal is to provide you with a personalized sales experience, thought provoking training concepts and tailored consulting services; whatever your industry needs …we are the solution.


We bring over a decade of military experience to your training

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From firearms training to basic medical interventions to threat assessments, we have a broad spectrum of expertise


Not only will you learn what to do, you will also leave with an understanding of why it works

"I took my girlfriend and I to Pat to get our CCW classes taken care of. Many CCW classes out there don't teach you anything valuable or memorable. They’re just wallet drainers with a certificate that you didn't earn nor shouldn't have. But Pat on the other hand, has a wealthy amount of knowledge & great communication skills. My girlfriend was incredibly timid and terrified of shooting guns, but somehow Pat managed to persuade her…i think Pat could do relationship courses as-well. Aside from the great amount of knowledge and lessons we learned from Pat, he genuinely cares about your experience and helping others learn about the importance & safety of firearms. Thanks to Pat, i can confidently carry my firearm and protect my loved ones. Anyone i know thats seeking a CCW, i send them right to Black Cypress. Thank you Pat for everything! You’re one of the best people & teachers I've ever encountered. I would have never gone anywhere else but here if i had to do it over again."

Brandon P.

"Our son and his fiancé decided to get their concealed weapon permit. Although both my husband and I have ours it has been a while and decided to join them. It was so much better than the classes we took previously! Pat, the owner is so great! He class was informative and not boring. He kept it going, answered questions and peppered it with short stories. It also felt exclusive because it was just the four of us! Once the class part was over he took us to a private range to use our guns. Didn't have that experience either when my husband and I got permits. He was very patient worked on our posture, gave us insight individually. We weren't rushed at all. Actually, he said we could stay longer. We used 200 rounds. All I can say is this where you need to take your class. You will be glad you did!"

Miriam P.

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