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    Black Cypress Solutions strives to provide a quality product at a great price. Please allow us to provide all your firearm and personal defense needs.

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  • Safety, Security, and Confidence

    Train like your life depends on it, because one day it might. Let our experienced and professional training staff provide you with the tools you need to safely and effectively protect yourself, your home and those most important to you.

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  • Mitigate the Threat

    In today's world, there are dangers around every corner. Whether it's work, home or even your place of worship, the media shows us tragedy every day. Let us work with you to be ready for the unexpected. From personal security to active shooter, we are your solution.


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From pistols and rifles, to med kits and plate carriers...we are the one stop shop for all your tactical needs.

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Basic and advanced firearms courses for all experience levels.


We provide comprehensive consultation services for threat assessments, executive protection, active shooter response and more.

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No question is too big or too small. Please Don't hesitate to contact us.


Our goal is to provide you with a personalized sales experience, thought provoking training concepts, and tailored consulting services; whatever your industry needs …we are the solution.


We bring Law enforcement and military experience to your training.

One Stop Shop

Get any gear you need to implement your training at a fair price!


Not only will you learn what to do, you will also leave with an understanding of why it works.

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